You have been spotted – May 2017

Hello Folks!

I believe that You’re waiting for this day impatiently, as we’re here in 7 Dots Studio.

Today we’d like to feature a few projects of Yours that were created in April 2017.

So please sit comfortably, have a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy!


Valerie Ouellet

Cotton Candy Dreams

Sylwia Gryczuk

Writer’s Block


Writer’s Block

Mary Catt


Karine Gagnon

Cold Country

Torsa Saha

Cotton Candy Dreams

Yasmin Tolche

Cotton Candy Dreams

Ewelina Grylak

Writer’s Block

Fabulous layouts, aren’t they?

Thank You so much for sharing Your amazing talent with us! We are looking for Your another wonderful creations also in May!


Have a great day!