Design Team 2016-2017 farewell

We are very sad to say goodbye to some of our designers that will be leaving our Design Team. These are:

Anna Rogalska
Cindy Brown
Eirini Tsaima
Frau Muller
Kasia Bogatko
Marie Johansson
Marina Syskova
Nastya Istorkina
Olga Eltysheva

It’s been a tremendous pleasure to work with each and everyone of you. We appreciate all the talent and hard work you put in your projects, tutorials and challenges to make our brand bigger. It was great having you as a part of our 7 Dots Studio family and we are grateful for all your support.

Thank you ladies for this amazing term full of amazing creations filled with love and positive energy shared with the scrapbooking community. You are all amazing and we wish you all the best going forward.

If you want to see the who will be a part of our New Design Team, stick around as they will be revealed later this month.