Open door by Sanderijn de Bruin-Mittendorff

I have created a page which has a deeper meaning. It’s about the open door in the picture. It’s symbolic for the opportunity to see, in every situation, the ability to be free, to follow a new path, reach for the stars, and spread your wings…

I used a lot of birds because in the layout, to make it symbolic for ‘flying through the open door’. So I hope everybody remembers, they always have a choice in life, to open a new door, a new path, and to search for their own (inner) freedom…

The background is created with a layer of clear gesso, several layers of different stencil patterns, added with gesso. I splattered some golden watercolour paints too. I build up my page with cheese cloth, lace, tags, art stones, chipboard pieces, stamped flowers, 3D flowers and word stickers.

7 Dots Studio supplies:
Homegrown – Snicker
Homegrown – Tags 12×12
Dreamscapes – Word Stickers 6×12
Writer’s Block – Numbers stencil