Steampunk layout tutorial by HeeSun Kim

Hello 7 DOTS STUDIO friends. Hee Sun Kim here and I’d like to share a steampunk layout with “Dreamscapes” and “HAZY DAYS” collections.
I’m TEXTURE MANIAC and I love steampunk style work. The pleasure of texture and height is awesome!

Let’s enjoy with my tutorial!
1. Place the stencil on a paper and apply the paint using a form.

2. After the paint is dry, apply distress ink use a blending tool. No ink on the paint. (called “Regist”)

3. Stamping!

4. Attach it on a thick board using a gel medium.

5. After the medium is dry, cut to various thicknesses and lengths.

6. It piled up in a steampunk style! Love it!

7. FINISH. This is my self-portrait.

8. Decorated it with chip board and sticker.

7 Dots Studio supplies:
Hazy Days – Clear Stamps
Hazy Days – Chipboard
Hazy Days – Slick
Dreamscapes – Geometry Stencil
Dreamscapes – Twinkle