Dreamer by Louise Nelson

dreamer by louise nelson

Today I would like to share with you a quick and fun embellishment technique. The wire ladder like embellishment was created to emulate the graphic on the 12 x 12 patterned paper Under the Covers.
dreamer by louise nelson

This step out is quick and simple and not as fiddley as it looks 🙂


  • Begin by cutting 4 long pieces of wire to be the side rails of the ladder, and multiple shorter pieces for the across rails [approx. 12 cms long].
  • Rake one long wire and begin twisting around the shorter wires all the way along the long wire as depicted below. Create as many across rails as you would like.

dreamer by louise nelson

  • Take a second long piece to form the other long side rail, and twist the shot pieces around it to form a ladder.
  • Take a third long piece and align it along the left side rail; to hold it in place I positioned it over and under every alternate short across wire.
  • To hold it in place I added a second short across piece of wire in the middle and twisted it around both of the left long side wires.
  • Repeat this for the right hand side of the ladder, and hold it in place with second short across wires at the top and bottom.

dreamer by louise nelson

  • Add extra short across wires to create the ladder look.
  • Reposition the wires so it starts to look more like a ladder.
  • When you are happy with the shape, adhere it to layout background paper with staples.

dreamer by louise nelson

  • This image shows the wire embellishment attached to the page, before final embellishing.

dreamer by louise nelson

  • Next up are 2 close ups of the completed layout.

dreamer by louise nelson
dreamer by louise nelson

Cheers for now and I do hope you enjoyed this quick and easy lil wire embellishment step-out.
Louise xxx

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