You have been spotted – December 2017

Hello our sweet fans!

Today we have for You another amazing piece of art created by wonderful designers – You, our fans.

We love to see that You like our collections – both the older and the newest ones. Please, just take a look at these awesome creations:


Anat Weksler

Cotton Candy Dreams

Annie Samson

Hazy Days

Valerie Ouellet

Hazy Days

Evgeniya Vlasenko

Hazy Days

Tiphanie Barbreau

Northern Lights

Arantzazu Sangrador

Lost and Found

Northern Lights

Marie Sabatier

Northern Lights

Mary Catt

Hazy Days

Torsa Saha

Cotton Candy Dreams

Thank You again for sharing Your amazing talent with us. We are looking forward to see Your beautiful creations in our galleries also this month.


We wish You all a great day!

Ania Wiśniewska




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