You have been spotted – February 2018

Hello 7 Dots Studio fans!

Our blog has changed, our challenges have changed, but we haven’t change the way that we present Your wonderful projects that You show us in our galleries. As usual – today we’d like to feature some creations of Yours, made of 7 Dots Studio collections. Both the newest and the older ones.

Sharon Burla Ziv

Northern Lights, Cotton Candy Dreams

Ani Blumenthal

Hazy Days

Svetlana Tsvetkova

Hazy Days

Marie Sabatier

Northern Lights

Amelie Jutras

Northern Lights

Tammy Klinger

Paint Chips

Dora Herencsenyi

Writer’s Block

Noura Pompilla Mejia

Hazy Days

Olga Zakharova

Northern Lights

Anastasia Elena

Fortune Teller


Aren’t they all just fantastic?

We admire Your talent, creativity and brilliant ideas. You don’t stop to amaze us – we appreciate it a lot. We still wait for Your projects, created of our products. Starting from January 2018, You have another place where You can share Your creations – it’s a special FB group “7 Dots Studio creative playground”. Join us there!