Album Cabinet by Elena Martynova

Hello my dear friends!
Today I will show something special 🙂 This is a piece of my family’s history in the sideboard with different interesting things. Everything is made from scratch from binding and beer cardboard. The doors and walls of the locker are covered with textured paste and painted first with brown paint and then Shimmering Lindy’s sprays. I decorated the upper part of the yards with a chipboard by 2Crafty Chipboard.


Let’s look at what lies on the shelves.
A picture of my grandmother in her youth, next to a jar with a red rose (grandma loved roses and grew them in the country). Under the second jar is a stack of envelopes. They are not very good to see, but I did about five of these tiny envelopes and tied them with string. Sewing machine. Nearly the same as it was at grandma’s 🙂 And a tiny alarm clock.


On the next shelf-an old magazine with traveler’s notes, camera, cassette, cage, anchor and some icon-emblem. My grandparents loved to travel and take pictures. It is a pity that they didn’t write any travel-books… Now it would be so interesting to read. But there are a lot of photos that I cherish.


There’s a couple of books on the top shelf and my grandmother’s real wristwatch. It’s still and I was a little sorry to use it. But on the other hand, who would wear it? I’d be scared it would get lost again. The Red star with the letter A is the first letter of the grandparents names: Alexander and Alevtina. The star means that the grandfather served in the army, then the police and the domestic troops.


And on the last shelf, I put a bunch of keys and a corkscrew as a symbol of hospitality. As I remember, my grandmother always enjoyed visitors. Real vintage key, nuts and bulb – my grandfather was a real handyman, knew how to repair electrical things and assembled furniture I also added the Eiffel tower. I really wanted to put here. Maybe grandma wanted to go to Paris?


This sideboard has its own secret! Open the doors and look inside! There you will find a mini-album with photos of my young grandfather. On the first photo he’s a 12 years old boy but stern and unsmiling, as I always knew him.


Then there are photos with his friends from the army.


I used various 7 DOTs collections. I never throw away even smallest pieces. I collect them and use in projects like this. The pages inside are 10x15cm so i needed two whole papers. Fortune-teller – Sunny and Lost and Found – 213. In all pages, I made pockets for tags. They are not filled yet, but I will write everything I remember about grandpa on them.

Thanks for popping by!
Hopefully I’ve inspired in some way….

7 Dots Studio supplies:

Products List:
Dreamscapes – Tags 12×12
Fortune-teller – Pad 6×6
Homegrown – Pad 6×6
Hazy Days – Tags 12×12
Fortune-teller – Sunny
Lost and Found – 213
Hazy Days – Pad 6×6