May 2018 Guest Designer – Mila Aydina

Good afternoon!
I want to introduce my new work for the 7 Dots Studio blog as a guest designer. Did everybody this month’s moodboard? It’s incredibly sweet! But I saw my work in a completely different way. That’s how I saw my work.

I do not know what influenced my choice .. But I, most often, am guided by emotions .. I live here and now. My emotions worked for me.

Our whole life is on a huge scale. Which cup will outweigh? Where cogwheels that are constantly spinning. Will we survive those storms that rage around us in the universe? And who is watching us from there? From the other side of the world. Who draws our paintings? Who lights the fires.

At the centre of the work is a Acceptance sheet from the Illumination collection. Word Stickers are from the Hazy-days collection. I made an unusual texture using texture paste. I wanted to convey the full power of the raging storm.

Storm clouds, gusts of the wind and the ocean as a reflection of the sky. Cold ice arrows are ready to escape from this abyss. And sometimes it seems to us that the world turned upside down.

That’s it..
Peace to your home! And let the storms pass you by!
With respect Mila Aydina