Shine Brightly by Elena Martynova

Hi guys!!
Sooner or later, any master makes his altered brush. And each of them reflects his style and soul. This time I gave myself to creativity in full, let go of the brain and allowed the subconscious to control the hands. So if you ask me-why I chose this palette or why there are children on the brush, I can not answer 🙂 It’s all Me, my inner world at this moment and at this point in the universe 🙂 Inside each of us a small child lives. Apparently I have two of them – a boy and a girl 🙂 The boy is quiet and sweet (see how he sits quietly and smiles when being photographed) 🙂 , and the girl is still mischievous creature! She has wings behind her back for a reason! She’s obviously older than the boy and watching over him 🙂

The brush is 20 cm long and only 5 cm wide. To fit more décor I had to choose the smallest elements! Butterflies and pictures I cut out of a piece of paper 6″х6″ from the collection Garden Party. Decorated with miniature mushrooms, beads, art stones and glitter. The Shine contrasts with the black and white photos of children, not allowing them to blend into the background. I made this brush as a gift to one of the winners of the project Mushroom story, which recently took place on instagram. We had 58 wonderful projects, to choose the best was a problem! You can find all of these amazing works of art using the hashtag #mushroom_hop.

Here is my video so you can see the whole process step by step:

I hope you find my project inspiring! Maybe you also have some old paintbrushes that are just waiting there to get a new altered life? 😉

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Garden Party – Word Stickers 6×12
Garden Party – Clear Stamps
Garden Party – Pad 6×6