Summery Seaside by Anna Wiśniewska

Hello everyone!
I like winter, but as you know, summer is my favourite season of the year. And even in January I can’t resist creating sunny, summery projects. Today I have for you one of them. It’s warm canvas with summery, seaside photo.

I would also like to present you the way in which I created it:
1. At first I prepared the base – I put gesso and crackle paste on the whole canvas surface and I let it dry. I used bricks mask to obtain different effects.



2. Then I sticked hard elements to canvas – stars, buttons and sailing elements. I put gesso on them as well.



3. Next I put small and medium powertex balls and stick a little piece of gauze in the middle.



4. Then I used two tones of color powders – blue and yellow. These two are real summer colors.



5. When we make a project like canvas, it couldn’t be flat. We have to make lots of layers and dimenstions. I often use pieces of cardboard sticked under the main elements.



6. For final decoration I used straws, small paper elements and cequines.



7. I wouldn’t be myself if I hadn’t splashed my creation. I used white and gold paint for it.



8. And at the very end I used white gesso to take off some colors, so they could be more pastel and not so juicy. And the canvas is ready.


Here are a few photos of my finished project.

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