You have been spotted – January 2019

Hello everybody!

Yes, today it is the day of publication the most beautiful creations of yours, made in January 219.

So please look at these beauties, enjoy them and write a few nice words in comments to our wonderful artists:


Julia Kissel

Dreamer, Fortune-teller, Paint Chips


Anastasi Kuznetsova



Alicja Staszak

Air Mail


Evgieniya Vlasenko

Northern Lights


Hina Mirza

9th Wave


Marie Sabatier



Kasia Salmanowicz

Dreamscapes, Writer’s Block


Hema VelCraft

Northern Lights


Magdalena’s Attic



Olga Kulavskaya

Cold Country



I have no words to describe, how beautiful they are. Am I right?

Remember, that we are looking forward to see your beautiful creations in our galleries also this month.


We wish you all a great day!

Ania Wiśniewska