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Teeshoom says:
There are so many powers in flowers. And again everything started from the flower. It was a simple weed, but it looks so pretty and gives a lot of inspiration. It’s just left for me to add some inks and play with the papers.

Supplies – 7 Dots Studio:
All I ever – Velveteen Dreams
All I ever – Stickers 6×12
All I ever – Stickers 12×12
Wonderland – Mushroom and Smoke
Wonderland Alpha Stickers – Social Games
Wonderland Stickers 6×12
Wonderland Stickers 12×12


Hege says:
Pinky girl that I am, I need time to find out how to use darker and more natural colors. But I have to admit that I am falling for this collection more and more!
This layout is about that when there’s a tough time in our life…it always comes a better day 🙂

“A better day”

Supplies – 7 Dots Studio:
Wonderland – Follow The Rabbit
Wonderland – Alice
Wonderland – Stickers 12×12
All I Ever – Love and Be Loved
All I Ever – Stickers 6×12
Wonderland – Alpha Stickers – White Rabbit


Heidi says:
These colors are so rich and beautiful, much like my daughter depicted in the photo. She has so much depth, and like her, I wanted to layer on the beautiful elements within this paper collection. So beautiful!!

“Be Extraordinary”

Supplies – 7 Dots Studio:
Wonderland – Spades and Clubs
Wonderland  – Stickers 6×12
Wonderland – Elements 12×12
All I Ever  – Stickers 6×12
Chipboard details


Tara says:
It’s funny how our lives turn out. I had always assumed that I would one day get married and have kids but every now and then I will get this surreal feeling like I’m living in a dream – or living someone else’s life. There are days when I will sit in awe and watch my kids playing together and I think to myself – holy cow!! I have THREE kids!? These kids are all amazing and healthy and smart and sweet and they are all MINE! On this one day in particular, I had snapped a photo of my eldest son – my first born who is so very much like me. He always follows the rules, never strays from the path, is a natural leader and perfectionist and as a result, very hard on himself. He loves order and schedules and is suppose to set good examples for his younger siblings. But, upon seeing this photo, I was reminded of how very sweet and innocent and young he still is. How much he still needs to be loved and nurtured and cared for, to be led and to be allowed to make mistakes and to not be perfect all the time. He is still my sweet angel baby – always has been and always will be.

Always & Forever

7 Dots Studio Supplies:
Wonderland Collection:
Patterned Paper: Alice, Mad Tea Party, Follow the Rabbit
12×12 Stickers
12×12 Elements
6×12 Stickers


Mumkaa says:
Another page from my journal – this time I used Alice paper from Wonderland collection. It tells about the condition which is recently very close for me …..

7 Dots Studio Supplies:
Stickers 6×12, 12×12
Alpha Stickers Social Games 6×12

We hope to see you soon again  – we have loads of beautiful creations to share! Stay tuned!
Wishing you all blessed, happy Easter time – with your family and friends