Welcome! Today I will try tell you a little bit about world of my inspirations.
For the question : what do inspire me? I can boldly reply that really a lots of things ! Everyday life, words, music, books which I read, colors [I like playing with them in my works!], my daughter – Olivia, work of another people …. this list seem be endless !
I love to collect scraps, pieces of paper – these smaller and bigger which I could use later in my works. I`m like a hamster lol – I collect this everything which I can use later – interesting pieces from different packages, old newspapers, colorful boxes. I like use not typical scrapbooking supplies which everybody can find at home like paper bags, envelopes, grey paper for packing, paper tape … All this things really can inspire me !

In my works which I prepared especially for today I used pieces of colorful candy bag [I love them!], paper tape, lots of paints, pieces of old book and a lots of color. In this work you can find this all what I like in scrapbooking the most.

Supplies –  7 Dots Studio:
Dreamer Collection – Sleepless
Dreamer Collection – Stickers 6×12
Dreamer Collection – Stickers 12×12
Wonderland Alpha Stickers 6×12 White Rabbit

See you soon!