Welcome again!
Today, with the deepest pleasure we want to take you for a trip to the Studio of wonderful, creative soul: mixed media artist and scrapbooker, art journaler and altered art creator from Poland: Anna Chudzik-Pawlik also known as Wolfann! We are so very happy that she accepted our invitation and she is presenting today her projects as our Guest Designer! If you want to learn more about this inspiring personality you can visit her blog: Manufabricum. Enjoy the journey!

Wolfann about herself:
I’m a multitechnical creator. Workshop teacher and designer. Passionate for scrapbooking incorporating into her project ideas for artistic recycling and upcycling.
Author of characteristic collages, unique trouser-bags, label notebooks and art journals. I like new challenges, non-conventional projects and uncommon ideas.

You can see Anna’s projects below. She made them for you using 2 our collections: “Wonderland” was a source and inspiration for her intriguing “Frida” collages and “All I Ever” was a base for her great, optimistic scrapbook pages. Enjoy!

Wolfann says:
You can name me “Frida-obsessed”, but it doesn’t mean I know everything about this artist, I know every painting and all the details from her life. I absorb her personality in small doses: from time to time I look through the albums with her artwork, photos of her I dig in the net to find out more.

I was always impressed by her eyes, her way of looking in this picture – so characteristic for her. Maybe  – subconsiously – i took a similar photo of myself? And then you know what happened… dressing or undressing from emotions and feelings again and again… well… I still like to work with this photo. Here I used it only once, in the first of the collages with Frida  – “find your way”.

And you? Did you find it?
Sometimes I feel I’m “right here, right now” and in a next minute I loose my confidence and I keep looking back over my shoulder, in the past… sometimes I don’t have enough courage to go into the future and my life shows me how painful can be the reality and everyday life.  That’s why a lot of my projects is based on emotions… one, two…thousand… sometimes it hurts…
Around the collage I put the lyrics from a song, sang beautifully by Kasia Nosowska and Renata Przemyk called “My beloved”:
“you give me the wayward thoughts and anxieties,
I still have them so many, my beloved,
don’t think that we will never pass each other
but it’s easier to go against the wind together”


In my nex project I also used lyrics – this time from Agnieszka Osiecka’s  poem “The eyes of the little one”:
“eyes of the little one (…),
thoughts of the little one(…),
and he was for her like a young god,
if he could only love her (how he should)”

How it is to “love to much?”
How it is to love “just because”?
How it is when you love…?

The third project is just my tribute to Frida – with her adorable, amazing photo placed on my favorite paper from the collection made by Anna Dabrowska. That’s why I tried not to cover it too much 🙂

JAs you can see I didn’t cut the papers from “Wonderland” collection at all… and the same happened with “all I Ever” – collection made by Anna Iwanowska. I played with stickers and elements instead trying to use them to build composition and in the effect i got finished scrapbooking layouts. Just like during making the collages I can’t resist using elements cut out from a magazine here I couldn’t resist to use both a sticker and a cut-out frame of it!
I like simple paper layouts… with a stain or splash here, stamp there a scrap of paper, small decorative element, bunch of words or a title and the most important thing: the photo, with all the memories and emotions hidden in it.
It happens to me to make a rich project, full of embellishments, decorative elements both to my collection and as a commission, but if only I can I keep coming back to simple , almost ascetic form – just like on the layout below: “us”.

In this layout, with lovely, sleepy daughter with her hair in a morning mess I put surprisingly many elements. Nevertheless the layout is light, with a lot of space to breathe.

The last layout shows my daughter Kinga playing to be a supermodel, putting on all the hats she could find in the grandfather’s closet 🙂
Here I mixed both collections a bit and embellished the projects with loads of colorful  brads.

I think these are not my last projects with htese beautiful paper collections. I’ve already done one more ‘Wonderland’ collage named “with every next sad tear” , and  ‘All I Ever’ soon will be transformed into greeting cards.

Thanks again for inviting me to your 7 Dots Studio:)

Anna – we thank you so much for accepting the invitation!!!