Irina Teeshoom fom Moscow. Russia is our “freestyle-crazy” DT member here at  7 Dots Studio.
Easy to recognize style, photos, intriguing composition – playing with design and color are her trademarks.  Working with such talented, open-minded artist is an amazing, cretive ride!

Teeshoom says:
My fingers flying under the keyboard and helps me to express my feelings. So LO is about fingers, feelings, thoughts, birds and… me.


List of products – 7 Dots Studio:
Domestic Goddess – Women’s Talk
Domestic Goddess – Alpha – Salt&Pepper


This one is not very usual for me, but more usual to a scrap. Family-style page. Maybe I should have more of them? And of course a lot of memories inside.

List of products – 7 Dots Studio:
Hopefully – Find me
Hopefully – – Play with me
Hopefully – – Never let me go
Hopefully – Stickers 12×12
Hopefully – Stickers 6×12
Hopefully – Alpha – Amuse me

Thank you so much Teeshoom for  sharing your talent and emotions with us – this was an amazing year!