First page is so girly. All started with the pressed flowers. One photo with my hand, holding it. And another photos are hiding under the layers of paper. It’s another association with purity and beauty of spring.

List of Products – 7 Dots Studio:
Domestic Goddess – Collage Fashionista
Dreamer – Sleepless
Dreamer – Elements 12×12
Dreamer – Stickers 12×12
Dreamer – Stickers 6×12
Hopefully – Find me
Hopefully – Kiss me


I wrote “N[EVER] REPEAT” on the page. I tried to show how hard and important for us not to repeat ourselves all the time in our pages. But anyway it’s impossible not to repeat, because it’s just our self-portraits over and over again.
Also I wanted to show with this winter page, that we need to try to make our days different one from another.
I have “blue tears of joy” on the photo. It’s a joy, then I’m reaching something new.

List of Products – 7 Dots Studio:
Domestic Goddess – Spice&Sugar
Domestic Goddess – Stickers 12×12
Domestic Goddess Alphabet – Salt&Pepper
Hopefully – Find me
Hopefully – alpha – Amuse Me
Hopefully – Stickers 12×12
Elise Rebel – Elements


My last mini-project – it’s Father Frost (that’s how we called Russian Santa Claus). This one is very fast (really about five minutes) and easy (so you can call your kids to join). It’s so funny and easy to use his beard to count days before New Year. I used half of the big circle for the hat. Three circles for the eyes and pom-pon. And two smaller circles for the pupils.

List of Products – 7 Dots Studio:
Wonderland – Alice
Domestic Goddess – Raspberry Pudding

See you soon – greeting s from 7DS team!