Let’s see with Heidi today!

Time is flying by, and my little girls are growing up. For years it was just the two of them, with my husband and I… but after having the two boys nearly 6 years after my youngest daughter, some of my memories of just them and us are fading. I am quickly trying to put all these down in the books. 🙂

“Just the Two of Us”

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Domestic Goddess “Proudly Handcrafted”
Domestic Goddess 6×12 stickers, 12×12 stickers
Domestic Goddess 12×12 Elements
Chipboard Embellishments


I like to make a small photo book/art journal every year that shows pictures of my children and the gifts that they wished for and received for Christmas. I think it shows just how dramatically they grow up every year! This is the cover for this year’s album, I simply need to work on all of the pages now.

“For to Receive”

Supplies – 7 Dots Studio:
Wonderland “Alice”
Wonderland “Duchess”
Dreamer 12×12 Stickers

See you soon and have a great winter time!