July 2017 Winners and Features

We are happy to announce that the Winner of our July 2017 challenge is:

Kareen Dion

Huge congrats! Your prize is one collection kit and one 6×6 pad. Please write your shipping address to – nick@7dotsstudio.com


The second place goes to:

Annie Samson

Congratulations! Your prize is 30% off coupon to our store. Please contact me via e-mail (nick@7dotsstudio.com) to claim your prize.


The third place goes to:

Anat Weksler

Congratulations! Your prize is 15% off coupon to our store. Please contact me via e-mail (nick@7dotsstudio.com) to claim your prize.


We would like to feature some of your projects below:

Julia Kissel

Elena Smoktunova

Daria Schukina


Our random winner is Vesnina Ksenia!
Please contact me via e-mail (nick@7dotsstudio.com) to claim your 10 EUR coupon code to our store.
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Thank you all for playing with us and feel invited to take part in our August Challenge.
Have a great day!

Celtic Lady by Juliya Tirskaya

It’s Juliya Tirskaya with You today.
I want to show you how I make layout using an acrylic sheet.
Here is the page:

So, shall we begin?
My work begins with a photo and selection of materials for it. Starting from paper, and ending with topping. On the photo selected for the page, I have shades of blue and brown. Therefore, I select the basic elements by color from this palette. The paper from the Dreamscapes collection, as well as stickers and die-cuts from it, are very suitable here. I also took the small pad papers cut them down and made them more interesting with embossing.

Now, I take a strip of acrylic measuring 30 * 12 cm. And I decide where the photo will be placed. I want to place it on the right side to bring the decor behind the girl’s back and cover the ends of the wings slightly.

Since the picture is fabulous, reminiscent of Celtic motifs, with an interesting background, then I choose stencils with a gothic, ornate pattern. That’s it, the photo tells us which stencils to use! I want to apply two stencils here. One on paper, the second on a sheet of acrylic. On paper, I use a rough paste with sand, I put the pattern horizontally. On acrylic I use a paste with sand from Finnabair. After drying, the pattern becomes translucent and textured. Don’t place the pattern evenly. Let it “walk”, and not go in a continuous stream.

The paste has dried, now we can paint the background. I lightly spray the background with water and apply a spray. Add lace and tint it with a dry brush. When the gesso dries, I add a little spray to the lace. Here, lace is set the horizontally. This is my “skeleton” on which I will build up the body. And then decorate it

I try on acrylic sheet with a photo. I define verticals with the help of a chipboard. I look at the photo and understand that I want to add gauze. Firstly to smooth the transition of lace to the background, secondly to support the background in the photo.

I select the color suitable to the background in the photo,I moisten the gauze with water and paint it with sprays. When the gauze dries, the colours will not be so bright!

The gauze dried and you can paste it.

The main work with the painting is done, I no longer plan to add water and sprays to the paper. Therefore, you can glue the page to the base. I like to use 2mm thick cardboard for this. I like to do it when the page is flat, and does not bend from moisture. That’s why, I glue all my pages to a base. And then I decorate the walls of the house :)

I stick the photo to the acrylic on a piece of cardboard. On the reverse side of the photo I also added some cardboard.

I paste the decor around the photo, I place it behind the girl’s back.

Now I’ve decorated the page and the acrylic piece. The main idea of the page is to see it through the acrylic. It gives an interesting effect.

That’s the back side.

When the “body” is ready, you can dress it in toppings, tint stamps and shadows. Here in this form the page seems incomplete. We need to help her speak :) I add toppings, start with dark ones and end with light ones. Then I add stamps. In the end, I use a dark sprays.

Done! Here are some pictures of the details.

7 Dots Studio supplies:
Dreamscapes – Die-cut Elements 6×12
Dreamscapes – Pad 6×6
Dreamscapes – 9mm
Cold Country – Clear Stamps
Hazy Days – Clear Stamps
Yuletide – Clear Stamps

UmWowStudio supplies:
Dreamscapes – Tell tall tales flair

Wonderful by HeeSun Kim

Hello 7 DOTS STUDIO friends. Hee Sun Kim here and I’d like to share a layout.
On the picture there is a famous Korean singer. (I’m his big fan! Yeah!) I am fascinated by his dancing ♡
I used “Dreamscapes” collection. It is intense and soft color. I love it!

7 Dots Studio supplies:
Dreamscapes – Geometry Stencil
Dreamscapes – Collection Kit
Hazy Days – Element Stickers 6×12
Hazy Days – Word Stickers 6×12
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