Maria Lillepruun

Hi! My name is Maria Lillepruun. I am a mixed media artist, crafter, scrapbooker & educator based in Tallinn, Estonia.
I am 35, a wife and a mom to two lovely citizens of the world. I am a cat person. I used to breed British Shorthairs, but now I just keep two of them at home.
I have a part-time job as a conservator in the Estonian Open Air Museum because this is what I actually studied at the Estonian Arts Academy and I love my job.
But scrapbooking and mixed media art entered my life rapidly in 2014, and never left since then. I am head over heels for beautiful patterned paper and paints, and I never get bored of them 🙂
I prefer neo-vintage and eco to all other styles, but I try not to limit my imagination to certain criteria. If my soul demands dark grunge or white shabby chic, I go for it without any doubt.
Arts is about having fun, expressing yourself and making our homes and the World in total a more beautiful place to live in. Don´t you think so?

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