Marianne Johansson

My name is Marianne Johansson and I live in Hamar, Norway, with my man and our two gorgeous girls aged 11 and 15.
I love music, art, scrapbooking and taking photos.

I have been scrapbooking since 2005 and just love it! Started with layouts, then cards, then back to layouts and nowadays I’m doing a lot av tags and Art Jounal. I have also made some small paintings/canvases.
Don’t think I have a special style, my creative work mirrors my mood and I do all from Clean & Simple to the quite opposite like layouts with lots and lots of details.

I create because I love it! It gives me joy in life when I create. I love the moments when I can change a piece of paper from a “plain” paper to a piece of art. Art is in my soul and I try to transfer that to my work.

I am truly thankful and so honered to be on the 7 Dots Studio DesignTeam, thanks!

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