Sweetie by Riikka Kovasin

sweetie by riikka kovasin
Hello there everyone! It’s Riikka here today to share a special layout with you. The topic of this page is sweet Miranda who I was lucky enough to meet and share a room with this spring during Art Venture. She’s such a sweetheart and darling! I was fortunate to be invited to the USA this spring to teach a couple of workshops. While there, I met a team mate from another team, Miranda Edney. She’s crazy talented but also so sweet, funny and lovely! It was a pure joy to be able to spend some time with her during the event and I miss her terribly. If only we’d live a little close to each other!
sweetie by riikka kovasin

I mixed different collections in my page but the main inspiration for the colors where her hair. Naturally you can’t see the colors in a black and white photo, but she had dyed her hair with purple and turquoise so I went with the latter. I started with some background details like a circle and stickers and then layered media on top.
sweetie by riikka kovasin
sweetie by riikka kovasin
sweetie by riikka kovasin
sweetie by riikka kovasin

I love how crafting makes the world smaller! Through it we can meet people with similar interests and make friends. Then it’s fun to make layouts about those friends and document those moments! If you want to see how the layout was made, please see the video below!

Thank you all for stopping by today! Have a great day!

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